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Sunday, January 1, 2012

LaunchpadGreen Relaunches for 2012

In light of the state of the world and the state of the economy I've decided to relaunch my idea of "LaunchpadGreen" you can witness its evolution here or on my Facebook page. I hereby INVITE YOU TO JOIN IN THE LAUNCH! If you know of any local business, product, service, or person who is helping to make things better in your community FEEL FREE TO POST A LINK PICTURE OR COMMENT ABOUT THEM! My blog address is I truly believe that building local community businesses that foster a better quality of life and don't export our jobs and our money are key. So I'm not talking about supporting your local Walmart, dollar-store, or Christmas Tree Shop here. I encourage you to read labels meet people and know where what you are buying / supporting is coming from. We vote daily with our spending habits and where we keep our savings etc. So a message we can send daily is that we believe in LOCAL SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIES NOT CORPORATE UNSUSTAINABLE ONES THAT FUNNEL OUR RESOURCES OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND LEAVE US DESTITUTE.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So What's Obama's Plan for Green???

So with Obama soon to take the oath of office, what are his administrations plans for helping boost the "Green Economy".  Well apparently 54 Billion of the proposed 825 Billion Dollar Economic Stimulus Package would be set aside for renewable energy production, improving our electrical efficiency, and upgrading the U.S. power grid.  20 Billion of the 54 Billion would come in the form of tax credits for the Renewable Energy Industry.  
But will this infusion of incentives and government money be too little too late?  Many solar and even some in the wind turbine industry have already seen some decline since the economic tsunami hit Wall Street and the world.  This interesting article from Time Magazine explores all the realities and hopes of the current situation.  It's a good read, I highly recommend it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Follow the "Green" and Cash in on the $Green$...But how??

Is all the Green Energy Economy talk of the incoming Obama administration just green pie in the sky talk or is there really potential for Green Business even in this sagging economy?  Well if you ask John Grabner of Cardinal Fastener Company in Bedford Heights, Ohio he'll tell you business is just great!  In fact he hired two new employees just last week and speaking of the Green Economy says "People call it the next Automobile Industry for the United States."
Grabner's company has traditionally made screws and fasteners for John Deere and Catapillar and while those sales have declined recently sales of parts to companies that produce wind turbines and other Green Energy products are soaring.  Read more about Cardinal Fastener Company and Obama's stimulus plans here. 
Also below is a video of Obama's recent visit to the plant.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Greening the Inauguration

In just about a week, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America.  Now, whether you are excited about this or not, most are sure to be curious enough to tune in to the big festivities which we call The Presidential Inauguration.  Kind of like the Olympics, it happens every four years, and kind of like the Olympics, each one is a little different from the next.  But what will make it memorable?  Well, might it be remembered for its efforts to do things more green?  This article, featured in yesterday's Chicago Tribune discusses just that.  From what I read, the use of Segways to get around the city just might be one of the greenest parts of the day.  Take a read and decide for yourself.  Then, tell us what you think and drop us a comment!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No, not Recycling.....Rebicycling!

You've heard of recycling your newspapers, plastics & glass - but your bicycle??  Why yes, that's what this Oregon-based company called Resource Revival has been doing since 1994.  Check it out!  They take bike parts headed for the landfill and turn them into key chains, bottle openers, even clocks and picture frames!  Right from their site you can find a rebicycler, become a rebicycler, or even buy their stuff wholesale to sell it yourself.   This sure is one uniquely innovative way to contribute to the green economy.  Would you buy their products?  Weigh in with a comment or give it a "how green is this" rating  below....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Find out how you can "get your deals on two wheels!"

"Get your deals on two wheels" is the slogan of a new yet simple idea that promotes commerce, good health, good habits, and improves the environment to boot!  The name of the organization is Bicycle Benefits.  It was founded and is promoted by Ian and Dillon Kleptar from Saratoga, NY.  Their passionate goal is to see fewer cars on the road and more people cycling and walking.  What a concept huh? The organization helps businesses see the benefits of their participation in the program by pointing out that support of the program not only brings in more customers but also promotes physical activity, helmet use, and alleviates congestion and parking hassles for business owners.  The way it works is simple: participating businesses put a "Bicycle Benefits" Sticker on their window or front door and cyclists then know they can get discounts there.  Bicyclists can buy a sticker for their helmets and receive discounts at any participating shops.  I read about Bicycle Benefits on several other blogs as well as on their own site (which is sometimes down) and their Facebook Page.  Don't forget, when going green always think outside the box and be passionate like these brothers did.  They ride up and down the East Coast promoting their organization. Below you can find their silly video promoting and explaining the concept. ( Be warned it is very silly, but informative)

Here's to You Mrs. Robinson and the Great Plastics Debate

In 1967, a movie called "The Graduate" made its film debut with a young actor named Dustin Hoffman. The film needs no introduction today, but since I wasn't yet born in 1967 I have to admit I've never seen the movie myself. Yet, it is popular for its story and many of you may recall the scene where Mr. McGuire takes young Benjamin aside to give him the unsolicited advice that "there's a great future in plastics". It is ironic in a sense to realize that this famous quote echos the theme of this film about a young man who is exploited, misdirected, seduced and betrayed by his "elders" (Corporate America?).

Now, leave it to Glen to make me aware of how "The Graduate" could possibly be relatable in this post where I'd like to open a discussion about the effects plastics have had on our day-to-day lives, never mind the effects on our environment! Glen & I found this article, "A life without plastics?" from the Chicago Tribune to be light reading but filled with the truths of how hard it is to avoid plastic in our lives. After reading the article, I was impressed to realize that at our house we have taken a few measures to reduce our contribution of plastics to the overflowing landfills: Both of our children were diapered in cloth (we preferred a brand called Fuzzi Bunz), we regularly bring our cloth bags to the grocery store, and for Christmas I asked for glass containers (with unfortunate plastic lids) so I could begin phasing out plastic containers in our kitchen. But even so, we create an enormous amount of "recycling". We'd like to hear how plastic effects your day to day life (or if you've even considered that it does....) Check back here after you've read the linked article and leave your thoughts on "the great future of plastics". I don't know about you, but I think the future has arrived!